Integration Testing

We have a staging environment that can be used for you to perform integration testing. In this environment, you can test an entire end-to-end flow including creating a new user, performing KYC, and making purchases.
Our staging URL is:

Test Data

Our staging environment is integrated with our partners' testing environments, such as Plaid's Sandbox environment. As such, it is important that if you wish to do any user creation or bank account, you use the following data.

User + KYC

  • First Name: Alberta
  • Middle Name: Bobbeth
  • Last Name: Charleson
  • SSN: Any SSN starting with 2 through 9 will be approved
  • IDV: This will always pass in our staging environment.
  • Address:
    • City: San Matias
    • Country: US
    • Postal Code: 93405-2255
    • Region: CA
    • Street: 2493 Leisure Lane

Bank Info

  • Bank Name: Tartan Bank
  • User Name: user_good
  • Password: pass_good
  • Account: Recommend using Plaid Checking

Test Networks (TBD)

Our staging environment supports the following blockchain test networks:
  • Ethereum: Goerli
  • Bitcoin: BTC Testnet
  • Polygon: Mumbai
  • Solana: DevNet