Getting Started

Step 1: Obtain a ClientID & Secret

All API requests require a clientID and secret. Request Sandbox credentials by emailing us at [email protected]

Base URLs


Step 2: Select an Implementation Method

Step 3: Provide a Redirect URI and/or Android Package Name

Users will link their bank account to Ratio using Plaid. You do not need to set up an account with Plaid, however, you do need to provide a way for us to redirect users to your application once they have linked their bank account to their Ratio user account.
Please send the redirect URI and/or Android Package Name to [email protected]

If you are building a Web app, React Native app, or iOS app

Provide a redirect URI. This value must match what you send in your requestLink calls

If you are building an Android app

Provide an Android Package Name that matches what you send in yourrequestLink calls

Step 4: Install the Plaid SDK (mobile apps only)

Expand for info about Plaid's React Native, iOS, and Android SDKs

React Native SDK

Android SDK