Transactional Emails


We will occasionally need to send end-users transactional emails, in order to keep them informed of important account-related updates, such as when their account application has been approved or a transaction has occurred.

Our emails are designed to communicate trusted interactions taking place directly with Ratio. As always our goal is to support your relationship with end users.

To view the design of these emails, please click here

Here is a comprehensive description of the transactional emails we send and the reason for each.

Email Verification

To ensure secure and reliable communication, as well as facilitate account recovery, we require users to verify their email.

KYC Approved

To notify users when their account application has been successfully approved and is ready for use.

This ensures that the subset of users who may experience delayed approval are notified as soon as their account is approved.

Order Submitted - Standard ACH

Sent each time a user initiates an ACH transaction that will be processed using the standard settlement time.

Order Complete - Standard & Instant ACH

Sent each time a user's crypto transaction is broadcast on the network.

Order Failed

Sent in the event that a user's crypto transaction fails to settle on-chain. This is extremely rare.

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