Reminder, to get started:

  • Obtain a clientID & secret

  • Install the appropriate Plaid SDK

  • Provide us with a redirect URI or Android Package Name to be used alongside Plaid

  • Provide us with anonymized device biometrics in the header of each API call

Please refer to the integrating with Ratio section here for more details

Important info

Our JWTs expire after 5 minutes, and user sessions expire after 10 minutes of inactivity.

When a JWT nears expiry, we will refresh it in the background and provide you a new JWT in the following response header: ratio-authentication-refresh.

If you encounter this header, you should begin using the new JWT.

Base URLs

Production: https://api.ratio.me/

Sandbox: Coming soon


We strongly recommend that you follow our API implementation guide in the order it is presented below.


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