Plaid Bank Linking

We use Plaid to enable users to link their bank accounts to Ratio, which they can use to purchase crypto from fiat in their bank.
There are several steps involved in linking a bank account with Plaid, the first of which requires you to request a Link Token on behalf of the user.
Note: For detailed examples, check out our API documentation.
You now have a link token that looks something like this: link-sandbox-ab12c3d4-0000-123a-987f-26e621c2ee51. This token needs to be provided to Plaid through one of several methods:

React Native SDK

Using Plaid's React Native SDK provides a component that will take your link token and returns a public token on success.

Android & iOS Native SDKs

Similar to the React Native SDK, these provide UI components for launching the Plaid Link flow. -


You can also launch the Plaid Link flow inside a webview, requiring minimal UI work. To do so, create a URL like so"GENERATED_LINK_TOKEN" and open it inside a webview. This will also emit events for you to consume to obtain the public token.
Now that you have a public token, you can proceed with the next step, which is activating the link between Ratio and Plaid.
If you receive a successful response, the bank account has been linked, and you may proceed to make purchases.

Reconnecting Accounts

Plaid Links can expire or disconnect from time to time, possibly at the request of the user or the financial institution. If a user wishes to perform a transaction, but the bank link has been disconnected, you will receive a response indicating such. To repair this, request an update token and go through the Plaid flow again.