Buy Crypto (ACH)

A created user with KYC approved and a verified bank account is required to buy crypto

Check Remaining Limits

For a more detailed explanation of how limits are calculated, please contact us.

Users can submit up to 4 transactions per rolling 24-hour period. Limits in that period are up to $3,000 USD for instant ACH, and up to $5,000 USD for standard ACH
The Calculate ACH limits endpoint returns the user's remaining daily and weekly limits by transaction type (Instant ACH or Standard ACH)
Calculate the ACH limits for the user

Transaction Minimums

Ethereum = $20
Polygon = $1.
We use device biometrics and linked bank account transaction history to determine each user's transaction limits.

Crypto Prices

Please see our list of supported fiat currencies and crypto tokens and enum for formatting and network support.
Get crypto prices

Initiate ACH

When initiating a crypto purchase, you must present a transaction confirmation and required customer notices according to the Ratio UI requirements.
This submits a request to initiate an ACH exchange for Crypto
After submitting the request, you will get an activity ID in the response. Use this to monitor the transaction status.