Flag codeDescriptionRequired Error MessageAccount RestrictionsUser RemedyRatio Support Action

High risk assesment (F0001)

Our risk engine has returned a score that is high.

H1: Your account is under review. Body: Ratio will contact you within 24 hours

All POST, PATCH, DELETE endpoints return a 403.

Wait for Ratio support to reach out. They will be unable to interact with Ratio until we have reviewed the user.

We have received signals that this user is potentially high risk, if this user falls into our risk tolerance we will allow them into the platform with lower limits. If not we will block for fraud (F0000)

Account Suspended (F0000)

The account has been suspended due to a very high likelihood of fraud or misuse (ie. bots).

H1: Your account is suspended Body: Please email Ratio at if you believe this was done in error.

All POST, PATCH, DELETE endpoints return a 403. Any GET call that can identify a user also returns a 403 (/auth, /user).

A user can reach out if they believe this is a mistake.

We have received signals that indicate this user is a fraudster. We automatically suspend these users.

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