Follow the steps below to install the Ratio React Native Library
npm install
yarn add

Peer Dependencies

Our library has a peer dependancy on the following - react-native-webview: "11.x" - react-native-plaid-link-sdk: "9.x" - react-native-svg: "12.x || 13.x"
This means you must add react-native-webview, react-native-svg , and react-native-plaid-link-sdkas dependancies by running the following
npm install react-native-webview --save
npm install react-native-svg --save
npm install react-native-plaid-link-sdk --save
yarn add react-native-webview
yarn add react-native-svg
yarn add react-native-plaid-link-sdk
NOTE: it is important to make sure you use the --save flag, this will make sure the native code is autolinked. Read more about React Native Auto linking here
Read more about react-native-webview here
Read more about react-native-svg here
Read more about react-native-plaid-link-sdk here
If your application requires that external traffic is whitelisted, please reach out to us for a list of domains that will need to be whitelisted in your application package. The list includes OAuth connected banks such as Chase.
You must configure the Plaid SDK to work with OAuth. Please follow the steps here