White Label

If you wish to build a fully white-labeled solution using Ratio, you may do so by obtaining a Client Id and then integrating our RESTful APIs.
Most of our APIs rely on user authentication; you should start by getting to know our Auth APIs. We use JWTs and Bearer token authentication for our APIs; you will get this back upon successful authentication. Additionally, many of our APIs require two auth factors; to add another auth factor to your current session, you should include the JWT in that request.
Once you have your JWT, include that in a standard Authorization: Bearer <jwt> header for further API calls.
You can use our User endpoints to create a user account with Ratio or our Wallet APIs to add deposit wallets to a user's account.
If you want to use our Bank APIs to purchase crypto from fiat in a user's bank account, you need to request a bank link token, which you need to provide to Plaid to perform a token exchange flow with Ratio.